So on with the plan since there seems to be some sort of interest and Matt reposted my first post to Oppo! Side note, if I'm doing something wrong or could be done easier, please comment (new to the whole posting/commenting thing).

The journey shall begin on June 12th from Toronto. An 11 hour direct flight (just did the math on that, wow thats a long time) from Toronto to Paris. Upon arriving in Paris I will take trains to a good Le Mans midpoint of Chartres. I was really hoping to stay somewhere relatively close to Le Mans but I have learned that all hotels/rooms/motels/back alleys/etc sell out pretty quick for the span of June 13-June 15. So on the morning of the race, June 14th, I will take a train from Chartres to the race, from what I can see on the map the train station is essentially right across the road from the Circuit de La Sarthe. The next 24 hours+ will be spent at the track drinking, eating, partying, and taking pictures/video for you guys. Since I was unable to find a place in Le Mans, I am planning on spending the night at the track or in someones house if I get lucky enough. The next day after the race is over I plan on going back to Chartres to relax for the remainder of the day/night in preparation of moving on the next day.

I have decided that I will write this in segments just so I can have a pretty constant stream of posts. From Le Mans will be Paris and Germany, which I will write about in my next post. Happy to see the interest and hopefully this grows into something that Jalopnik would be interested in assisting me with.